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Wayne’s charity: Harry’s Fund


We’re presenting fund-raising for this charity separately, not because Wayne is One Financial Solutions’ managing director or because we think this charity is more important than any of the others we support (in our eyes, all are equally worthy). It’s being presented separately partly because of what Wayne is doing, personally, to raise funds, and partly because of the amount he’s raising. Wayne’s efforts should be an inspiration to us all.

Blue-collar boxing has become both a popular ‘sport’ and method of fund raising for charity. It’s tough: the participants are doing something most of wouldn’t dream of doing. Stepping into the ring isn’t ‘just something you do’ – it involves specialist training, personal sacrifice, possible humiliation and, of course, potential injury.

The Construction Collar Boxing Tournament is organised to raise funds in aid of amateur-boxing legend, Harry Senior. Tragically, Harry suffered a stroke in December 2009 during a sparring session and needed life-saving neurosurgery at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery followed by ongoing rehabilitation at Kings College Hospital. Life for Harry will never be the same again. Wayne’s efforts, along with those of his opponents, make a huge difference.

In his first tournament, Wayne’s ‘purse’, his share of the £7,000 prize money that was donated to Harry’s Fund, amounted to £500. In addition, One Financial Solutions sponsored the tournament, its financial backing making a contribution to its overall success.