Sustainable and Responsible Investment

How can One Financial Solutions help?


Every investor wants to put their money into a fund that will return a profit, but a growing number consider their own personal values to be equal to, if not more important than, profit alone.

‘Sustainable and responsible investment’ is a ‘value-led investment’ strategy: as its name suggests, it relates to investment in ‘only those funds that positively support environmental, social, ethical and governance related issues’. Deciding to use this as a strategy adds an additional layer of complexity to choosing an investment fund as, of course, information about the fund’s green and ethical credentials are needed.

As a firm of independent financial advisers, we firmly believe in freedom of choice. We would be working against one of our fundamental principles if we were to promote a particular investment strategy – so we don’t. However, we will ask you if you want to consider sustainable and socially responsible investment as an investment strategy. If you do, we can explain how it works and, with access to information that will allow you to decide exactly which of the various sub-strategies and funds best meet your values, make it a very straightforward process.

So, if you’d like to know more about ‘value-led’ investment strategies as a method of investment, please call us on 020 3714 9565, or ask us to call you by sending an email to


The value of your investment may go up as well as down and you may not get back the initial amount you invested.