You – are going to retire…

It may be something you want to do, or it may be something forced on you because of your age, your health or a combination of the two but, at some time in the future, you are going to retire. When the day comes you’ll still have bills to pay and food to buy and, of course, you’ll want to enjoy the free time you suddenly have. You’ll need a steady, long-term income and, although there are some alternatives, you’re probably going to rely on your pension to provide it. That is, if you have one…

Although the UK has a state pension scheme it’s generally accepted that it’s not enough to live on comfortably. Which makes it so surprising that most of us are making little, if any, additional provision for the ‘financially secure and comfortable retirement’ we all want – in fact, a recent survey showed that less than one in three people in the UK are currently contributing to a pension scheme.

Faced with a potential crisis in the not-to-distant future, the government is overhauling the pension system. The State Pension is being simplified; much of the working population is being pushed into a workplace pension scheme and, if you have been saving into a pension scheme, you’ve now got greater freedom in the way you can use the money you’ve saved.

Receiving a pension is the result of a saving into a pension scheme which means, as with any saving scheme, you’ve got to put something in to get something out. It’s understandable why so many of us find excuses not to save: the constant drain on our finances in adult life make it a struggle just to ‘get by’ at times, let alone put money aside for the future.

Apart from the financial commitment, the whole subject seems cloaked in a veil of complexity with a language of its own, an endless queue of people telling us what we should or shouldn’t be doing and an army of self-appointed experts delivering myths and misinformation. Pensions are complicated and, with the bewildering amount of choice available, it really is a subject you need expert advice about.

Although most of us think that ‘saving for a pension’ is a necessary evil and something we’ll do ‘tomorrow’, the harsh reality is that we should have started ‘yesterday’. As we near the end of our working lives, having a ‘financially secure and comfortable retirement’ is probably the most important thing we can work towards.

How can One Financial Solutions help you?

One Financial Solutions is here to help you. We’ll work with you, assess your current circumstances, review your retirement goals and help you put in place a pension strategy to meet them, ensuring that having a ‘financially secure and comfortable retirement’ isn’t something that’s left to chance.

We’ll assess the value of your State Pension and make sure you receive everything you’re entitled to. We’ll review any workplace and private pensions you may have and recommend any changes we feel are beneficial. If you need a pension scheme we’ll find one for you and, as a truly independent firm of financial advisers, we’ll select one from the entire market and make sure it’s the best one for you.

So, if you’re looking for specific help about any aspect of your pension or just want advice on the subject, please call us on 020 3714 9565 or ask us to call you by sending an email to