Newsletter 24 – Autumn 2017

Issued: Tuesday, 12 September 2017


pdf_smallThe Autumn 2017 issue of our newsletter is now available for you to either read online or download. We very much hope that it helps keep you up to date with financially-related matters. Read the Autumn 2017 newsletter here.


The last issue of our newsletter was launched at the time the nation eagerly anticipated that the coming summer might be ‘one to remember’. That annual optimism has finally dissolved: we were told it was warmer than average – we certainly didn’t need to be told that it was wetter than average…

Although our weather may be unpredictable, happily, the same can’t be said about out newsletter which, as usual, brings you an eclectic mixture of brief, one-page articles to help keep you on top of your finances. There’s something for everyone in the Autumn 2017 issue:

  • Stopping chameleon con artists. Pension scams are on the up – here are some ‘top tips’ to help you keep your pension safe.
  • Go online and cut the paper chase. The benefits of using the ‘net’ to manage your investments online.
  • Are you paying the right amount of tax? A guide to decoding your tax code.
  • Aviva paid £870 million in individual protection claims last year but, despite this representing 96.7% of claims received, people still fear they won’t get paid.
  • Europe: from problem child to favourite? European investments seem to be performing well at the moment – but be cautious!
  • The financial benefits to receiving financial advice. An objective report reveals that, on average, you’re likely to be around £40,000 better off with it.

We hope you find the newsletter interesting. If you’d like more information about any of the topics mentioned, or would like to discuss them with one of the team, please either call us on 020 3714 9565 or ask us to call you by sending an email to

Remember: we’re here to help you.