“I have known Christine for longer than 5 years. She has been invaluable to me with her sound financial support all these years. She has a broad knowledge and has provided me guidance on a wide spectrum of financial matters to include investments, mortgages and business accounting. She is easily accessible and always prompt to answer queries and has a very pleasant demeanour. I continue to use her services and would highly recommend her without reservation.”

Dhiren Nehra

“I have been delighted with the financial advice and servicesprovided by Christine Tucker at One Financial Solutions. Christine is very helpful, provided a lot of time and expert advice tailored to my requirements, followed by full written advice and documentation in a timely and efficient manner. I would definitely recommend Christine Tucker‘s financial service advice and expertise.”

Paul Gotts
March 2017

“Over the past few years I have worked with Christine to get my financial house in order. Looking at my finances from the perspective of where I am now and what I wanted for the future, we cancelled policies that didn’t really meet my needs and created new ones that better suit my circumstances. I have no doubt that Christine’s advice has saved me money in the long run and created investments that are now performing to my expectations. Her methodical and holistic approach has meant no area of my finances is overlooked. We have prioritised what needs doing and are working through it all. Christine is more than a Financial Advisor to me, she’s also now a friend. I’ve recommended Christine to my friends and family and I look forward to many more years of our successful partnership.”

Penny Ezechie

“As accountants to numerous clients with investment portfolios and a preference to fund property in contrast to pension, our clients need an IFA working for longer term solutions, reliable and always available, to invest according to client circumstances .Amit’s excellent work for our clients enhances our ability to contribute to a range of client services and we recommend him to others as part of our team for all financial planning.”

Michael Sheridan, Wilshers& Co, Accountants and Tax Advisers
June 2019

“I always trusted my bank to help me with managing finances and giving me the best advice in the past but after being referred to Amit by a colleague, I realized how much better off I was using the help of a professional. Amit invested his time in finding out about my needs before giving me any advice. It was only after he understood my preferences that he would recommend the products most suited to me.I am very happy and thankful with the way things have turned out and it’s really a load off my mind. He has helped me with investments and savings initially, and after seeing the kind of professional he is I have decided to take advice on all my finances including mortgage and protection from him.”

Raj Cheema

“I felt confused by the range of products on offer, and wanted someone to help me navigate the complexity. Daniel provided high-quality and focused advice in a number of areas which has led to my investing in a far higher performing portfolio of investments. No suggestions as to what he could have done better. Great performance – ‘5 stars’ for advice, service and value.”

Antony *****
May 2017

“My parents gave me a share of an inheritance and I was looking for an investment or a really good savings plan. Sajjad was kind enough to show me those which were suitable for me and with a professional manner explained everything in simple yet detailed way. It was a great experience working with him and I’m looking forward to good returns.”

Sabah Qamar
June 2020

“I wanted life insurance for me and my wife, and a long-term financial care plan for our disabled son. Sajjad was great. He found the best long-term care plan but also an exceptional life insurance plan that covers for us.”

Raja Shiraz
May 2020

“I was looking to take early retirement but wanted to make sure that I had everything in place – life insurance and some kind of investment or savings plan – for a relaxed retirement. I was amazed how Sajjad worked everything out for me. He made the process simple yet very informative. My retirement looks very bright and I can’t wait for it. Thanks!”

Gohar Majeed
May 2020

“After my grandad passed away, I was left with an inheritance and needed a professional to advise me how to protect it. Being married and having three kids, the first thing that came to mind was to protect the inheritance for my kids’ future. Sajjad advised us on the best way to set up different savings accounts to do this. We’re really pleased with the [result].”

Heera Ali
April 2020