About us



Hello, I’m Wayne Griffiths, the founder of One Financial Solutions, and I’d like to personally welcome you to our website and introduce you to the company.

As a client, you go to a financial adviser expecting to get expert advice about subjects you may know little about. You invest your trust in the adviser, expecting them to give you the best possible advice about your finances and how to manage them. It’s a privilege to be asked and a responsibility that cannot be taken too lightly.

Having been providing financial advice to retail clients and commercial organisations since 1993, I’m all too aware of what should happen and very conscious of what can sometimes go wrong. Most financial advisers are excellent, but even the best can give ‘poor advice’ if they can only offer a narrow range of products.

I’m passionate about my profession so, after 20 years in the business, I decided to go it alone and set up my own firm. I wanted to be able to offer my clients a truly independent service; I wanted to be able to offer them what they need and I wanted to be able to offer them the best product available, unhindered by any allegiance. I wanted to do it ‘my way’.

One Financial Solutions was formed in December 2012 and provides independent financial advice to retail and business clients, often encompassing both a client’s personal and business finances. We take a holistic approach realising, as much from our own personal lives as those of our clients, that life at home and life at work are usually inextricably linked.

I hope you find what you’re looking for on the website. If you’ve any questions, and I’m sure you will have, please call us, our advisers will be delighted to talk to you.

Wayne Griffiths
Founder and Managing Director
One Financial Solutions