We support

Charities and worthy causes


As individuals, most of us like to help those who need a helping hand. We all have our favourite charities and worthy causes and they’re usually chosen because what they represent means something to us on a personal level. All charities welcome financial support and, generally, that’s what most of us provide, either by dipping our hands into our individual or collective pockets or doing something to earn the donation we want to make.

One Financial Solutions is a company, a group of people who work together to provide its clients with a service. Collectively, we work together to raise funds for an elected good cause, sometimes turning to our clients to offer them the opportunity to participate. Individually, our colleagues represent an easy source of fund-raising sponsorship that we can tap into to raise money for our own personal good causes.

A huge thank you to all those who have either given up their time or made a donation: we hope our activities, both individually and collectively, have made a difference to someone, somewhere. Here are a few examples.