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Frequently asked questions


Who are 2plan wealth management Ltd?

2plan wealth management supports a network of over 2,000 independent financial advisers spread across the UK. As an entity it provides IFAs with support and advice, not financial products. If you’d like to know more about 2plan wealth management, please visit their website at www.2plan.com.

If you are an Appointed Representative of 2plan, how can you be ‘truly independent’?

There are two ways an IFA can join the 2plan wealth management network.  An individual adviser joins as a ‘Registered Individual’ but if you are a firm, like One Financial Solutions, you join as an ‘Appointed Representative’.  2plan wealth management don’t offer products: as an IFA firm they expect us to provide independent advice to our clients.

How are the financial advisers at One Financial Solutions selected?

Our financial advisers are personally recruited by Wayne Griffiths, our managing director and founder of the company, to ensure they share his philosophy and fulfil his expectations.  Having joined the company, each adviser then receives induction training so that they can deliver the service that One Financial Solutions expects them to provide in a consistent way.

How do I know the adviser can do the job?

The FCA authorises firms, such as One Financial Solutions, to conduct regulated activities and approves individuals within each firm to perform particular ‘controlled functions’; an Approved Person must work for a Regulated Firm. Each of One Financial Solutions’ financial advisers has been granted CF30 approval by the FCA; this approves their providing financial advice. In addition to having CF30 approval, Wayne Griffiths, as principal of One Financial Solutions, holds CF1 approval. These approvals can be publicly verified on the Financial Services Register at www.fca.org.uk/register.

What is the main benefit to me of coming to One Financial Solutions?

Although there are many benefits, without doubt the most important is that we are independent and that means we are completely free to recommend the product that we believe is most suitable for you, irrespective of its origin. Banks, and some other financial institutions, can only recommend their own products, assuming they have one. If there is a gap in their product portfolio it may mean going to another financial adviser to get it and that isn’t really a satisfactory solution.

Can you provide me with everything I need, a full service, a ‘one-stop shop’?

Yes, we most certainly can and it’s another important benefit for you to consider. Some financial institutions offer a limited range of products, for example, they may not offer pensions. We can offer anything and everything and, of course, from anywhere.

If I have multiple needs, will I have a single adviser to deal with, or will the adviser vary depending on what I want?

A single adviser will be able to help you with everything you need although there may be times when they call on the knowledge and experience of one of their colleagues. Individually we can’t be experts in everything but, working as a close-knit team with a combined total of over 140 years’ experience, we certainly can.

You say that you want to “build long-lasting professional, trusting relationships” which means working with a specific adviser. But what happens if they leave One Financial Solutions – do I stay with them or stay with you?

That very much depends on you. One Financial Solutions prides itself on being ‘client driven’ – if your adviser does leave the company then it’s your decision as to whether you stay with the adviser or stay with us.

I’ve got a mortgage, insurance and life assurance but am looking for a pension scheme. Can I come to you for just the pension, or will you expect me to move everything else?

We’ll endeavour to provide you with exactly what you want; we won’t have any consequent expectations and we won’t force anything on you – you’re the customer. If you’re happy with your existing financial arrangements, that’s fine with us, we’ll help you with just your pension needs.

I don’t see any mention of you providing tax advice on your website? Do you offer it?

Tax is an accountancy issue and it’s not something we deal with in-house. However, as a related and an important subject each of our advisers has an accountant they liaise with and can recommend.

I’ve found you on the internet. You are based in South London, I live in Carlisle – what then?

All of our advisers have clients scattered around the UK so, as a company, we are not geographically bound. If you do feel the need for frequent face-to-face meetings we may recommend that you deal with an adviser within the 2plan wealth management network who is based closer to you.

One Financial Solutions is a new company, where do all your clients come from?

Our client portfolio has grown, and continues to grow, in a number of ways. Our advisers have a combined total of over 140 years’ experience and, during that time, have formed trusted relationships with many clients. Having been satisfied with the adviser’s individual performance, many clients decide to retain their services and follow them through their career. As a company, One Financial Solutions takes on new clients via referrals recommendations and advertising.

How am I charged?

This varies depending on what you ask us to provide you with but, essentially, there are three methods of charging.  We may charge you a straightforward fee, you may pay a commission fee or, sometimes, you may pay a combination of the two.  Everything is explained and agreed in advance so you won’t have any nasty surprises.

Do I pay for our first meeting?

As a business, One Financial Solutions offers you the initial meeting with an IFA at no cost. This ‘fact-finding’ meeting gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to use us and for us to make sure that we will be able to provide the benefit you expect from us.