About Us

Our principles


Our culture is forged from a set of interrelated principles and standards that influence and guide how we work and how we interact with you.

You, the client, come first

If we provide you with the best possible financial advice, you will succeed. If you succeed then so shall we.

Integrity and honesty are fundamental

You are putting your trust in us, the very least we can do in return is to act honestly. We have nothing to hide, our activities and the way we work are transparent.

Our reputation is our greatest asset

Our reputation has been built from a combination of the expertise and knowledge of our advisers, maintaining our independence and satisfying our clients’ expectations. We’ve a great reputation, we want to keep it!

We are professionals, providing a professional service in a professional industry

Our knowledge and experience are valuable assets and can provide you with tangible benefits. We are proud about what we’ve done, what we do and what we will do. We are determined to provide an outstanding service for our clients: we’d like you to be proud of us too.

We are fiercely independent

Being independent means we can offer you the best product on the market, not just the best product we have in a brochure. If we can offer you the best product we hope you’ll be delighted with the result.

We give financial advice across the entire market

As a client you will have a broad range of requirements – we need to match that with a broad range of advice and products.

We work holistically

We know, from our own personal experience, that your financial situation is influenced by both your work and your personal life so we need to evaluate your circumstances holistically.

We are individuals but work as a team

As individuals, we can offer advice on some things but not everything. We’re much stronger as a team and together, can offer you much better advice across a wider range of subjects.

Treating Customers Fairly

The FCA’s Treating Customers Fairly policy mirrors our own; its ethos is ingrained within our employees and embedded within everything we do.

Customer Service

We strive to treat you as we would like to be treated: as an individual, with respect, dignity and honesty.

Plain English

For most people, financial services can be confusing and difficult to understand. We try to make it easier to understand by using plain, simple English.

We want to work with you on a long-term basis

The better we know each other, the more successful we can both be. All relationships take time and effort to develop, the benefits of a good relationship are worth the investment.