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Commercial insurance


Just as weinsure ourselves and everything in our domestic lives, so businesses need to insure their property, equipment, plant, stock and activities. But, in the same way that everyone’s personal circumstances are different, so are those for every business – it’s why we treat every business as unique and develop a tailor-made insurance policy just for them.

Despite their uniqueness, organizations working in the same market sector usually face similar challenges. Our brokers meet these challenges with specialist advisers, people with an understanding of a particular sector who can provide ‘expert’ help and advice to the businesses and organizations operating within it.

Taking this focussed approach means that our brokers have been particularly successful working with businesses in a number of sectors, including:

This is a dynamic industry and presents an increased exposure to potential public liability claims. Our brokers are actively involved with the industry’s trade associations and are strong supporters of the leisure industry, exhibiting at trade shows including EAG International, the Visitor Attraction Expo and IAAPA Attractions Expo.

Real estate
Although the real estate industry encounters a wide range of risks, it’s something of a niche market. Our brokers’ experience with investors, managing agents, residential management companies, freeholders, developers and investment funds enables us to design insurance solutions on a bespoke basis.

With the challenges and demands faced within the construction industry, experience shows that contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers need bespoke insurance. It’s where having a broker who understands a business sector can make all the difference. Our brokers work closely with you at every stage of a project, offering cover on an annual basis or for a one-off project, and provide solutions across the construction industryfrom the smallest of subcontractors to the largest of civil engineering contractors.

Insuring companies in the technology sector often means providing cover for intangible risks, such as breach or accidental infringement of intellectual property rights, data leaks and reputational damage or loss caused by cyber-attacks; cover that is usually only available using specialized policiesaimed specifically at the sector.Our brokers work only with those insurers who have an established track record within the technology industry, and who can demonstrate a history of rapid response in this fast-moving sector.

Water treatment
Our brokers have extensive knowledge of the water treatment industry, with experience in every aspect including environmental activities, water treatment, wastewater contracting, consulting, product suppliers and manufacturing industries. They specialize in businesses who are engaged in Legionella control, water chlorination and disinfection, the supply, installation and maintenance of water treatment equipment, water treatment and purification, the treatment of sewage, wastewater and industrial effluent, and the variety of consultancy services involved within the industry.

Our brokers have a first-class understanding of manufacturing complexities, and use their experience and expertise to ensure that youreceive the very best solution for your needs.An appreciationof the often uniquerisks faced by manufacturersallowsfor a careful and precise assessment to be carried out to provide an optimum package of insurance. Our brokers aim to help you identify, manage and mitigate all and any of the risks you face to ensure that you proactively protect your business.

Whether you are an owner-driver, small, medium or national fleet operator, our brokers can offer a service that matches your everyday needs. They work with general haulage and warehouse operators, pallet delivery and project cargo companies and hazardous haulage and tanker transport both in the UK and abroad. The risk management service our brokers offer is pro-active: advising clients about the effects of legislative changes, claim-trend evaluations and the latest driver technology and behavioural aids.

Motor trade
No matter whether you’re a franchised dealer or a recovery operator, auction house or independent motor trade professional, our brokers can design a policy to suit your specific business needs.They can provide cover for material damage to vehicles and equipment; road risks both in the UK and abroad; the consequences of losing an MOT licence; business interruption and the usual public liability, product liability and employer liability cover.

Fleet insurance
Whenever vehicles are used,accidents are likely to happen, a fact that makes fleet insurance one of the most volatile classes of insurance. It’s an area where our brokers have developed particular expertise,thanks largely to their highly developed risk management service thathelpsclients improve poorly performing fleets.Whatever the size and composition of your fleet, our brokerscan design a fleet-insurance package that will provide you with tangible benefits both in cost and efficiency.

Small businesses
The SME sector plays a vital role in the UK economy. ‘Small to medium’ businesses are found in every principal industrial sector and they need ‘special attention’ – invariably they don’t have the expertise or the time to ensure they get an insurance solution that really does mitigate the wide variety of risks they face. Our brokers risk management teamsrecognize this and take the time to discuss your business, to identifythe risks you may or may not realise you’re exposed to anddetermine an optimum level of cover.


How can One Financial Solutions help you?

One Financial Solutions is here to help you. We’ll talk to you about what you need and then introduce you to our insurance broker who’ll arrange the best possible cover.

Whatever type of insurance you’re looking for, we’ll discuss your requirementsin total confidence to find out what you need, what you don’t need and what may be a Very Good Idea. Our insurance brokers are experts in their fields, will treat you with the same level of care and integrity that we do and will offer you an innovative solution drawn from the across the entire insurance market.

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